ASTD Lifetime Achievement Award–Thanks and Thoughts

This week, I received the American Society for Training and Development’s Lifetime Achievement Award. I’m thrilled to accept this award and honored that ASTD would consider me.  As training and development professionals, you play a critical role in the lives of the corporations you serve.  Training and investment in people is a fundamental enabler of everything I’ve taught at Columbia, HBS, and through my work at Change Logic.

That said, I have a challenge for you: we can easily teach formulas and processes, steps, and easy answers to challenges business leaders face.  The real world is full of complexity and uncertainty.  Leaders struggle with how to do things that look and feel contradictory.  How do we drive the social purpose even as we drive the profit?  How can we be entrepreneurial and disciplined? How do we explore into new markets and reinvent ourselves even as we continue to build our core markets.  How do you deal with these tensions? In my work with Change Logic, I’ve seen leaders and firms change;  I look forward to seeing more of you join us on that journey.


Professor at Harvard Business School and co-founder of Change Logic, a strategic execution consultancy based in Boston, MA.

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    Congrats to Professor Michael Tushman on his ASTD Lifetime Achievement Award!

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